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Track Questions

  1. Choose your category values

    Customize your form to record what's important for you.

  2. Record full-text of Q&As

    The full-text is stored for search and retrival.

  3. Tag questions for quick answers

    Tagging helps discover trends and patterns.

Search Answers

  1. Full-text search with relevancy

    Our intuitive search helps discover answers fast.

  2. Find Q&As by text or tags

    Search the entire question and answer text. Filter to find tagged Q&As.

  3. Starred Q&As rise to the top

    Starring helps you boost the best answers to the top of your result list every time.

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Build Reports

  1. Charts and graphs

    Watch trends and patterns for all your categories.

  2. Dynamic table reports

    Build a table of any two data points. Sort, highlight and filter the results.

  3. Export data to spreadsheets

    Tagging helps discover trends and patterns.