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Want an even faster way to add Q&As to Gimlet? Try our latest feature: the Gimlet bookmarklet.


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What's a bookmarklet?

You probably have many sites bookmarked in your browser – these bookmarks take you to all your favorite websites. A bookmarklet is just a browser bookmark, but instead of taking you to a URL, it runs a little piece of JavaScript to do something helpful. Our Gimlet bookmarklet pops open your library’s “Add question” form from anywhere you happen to be online.

Installing the Gimlet bookmarklet

Gimlet bookmarklet link

Login to Gimlet and you’ll find your bookmarklet link at the bottom of the page. If you’re using Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome installing is as easy as dragging the “Save to Gimlet” link up to your browser bookmarks toolbar. If you use Internet Explorer, you can install it by right-clicking on the “Save to Gimlet” link and adding the bookmarklet to your Favorites.

Gimlet bookmarklet browser bookmark

Using the bookmarklet

Anytime you find yourself answering a question where a web page contains the answer, use the bookmarklet. You can highlight text on the web page with the answer and our bookmarklet will add the copied text, along with the title and URL of the web page to your “answer” field in the “Add question” form.

It’s really simple to use and we think it’s gonna save you loads of time. Give it a try and let us know what you think. We’re always open to new ideas or suggestions from our customers.


  • The Gimlet Team

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