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New Requested Feature: Multi-Add

We’re always open to new feature requests from our clients. If you have a great idea to improve Gimlet, please reach out to us. Today we’re happy to announce the latest client requested feature we’ve added to Gimlet: Multi-Add.

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🔍 Parallel Faceting

Two years ago Gimlet v2 launched and we added a BIG WALLOP of exciting new features to Gimlet. Inarguably, the most important enhancement we made for Gv2 was faceted search. For both searching your knowledge-base, and within our reporting engine, faceting lets you search the full text of all the content you’ve added to Gimlet and also filter your result set by any of our core category values.

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Gimlet - New Terms of Use

Terms of Use. Service Agreements. End-User License Agreements. We don’t usually think about them, but nearly every piece of software we use requires us to agree to one of these pages-long contracts before we can get to work.

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