Hi! We’re Sidecar, the company behind Gimlet — the best library desk stats tool around.

Since launching in June 2009, we meant to post a Thank-You to our clients after you had answered 1,000 total questions in Gimlet. However, that milestone came a little earlier than we expected, and we missed it.

Next, we planned to do it after 10,000 questions. Again, other issues called to us, and the 10,000 question mark faded into the past. As did 20,000, and 30,000.

And then 50,000.

Finally, we realized: we can’t wait for an artificial milestone to thank our clients. So: at the time of this writing, librarians have used Gimlet to answer 58,512 questions. That’s amazing. (Actually, since starting this post, it’s now 58,526.) In fact, we’re seeing nearly a thousand questions recorded every single day.

So, thank you to everyone who has helped us make this possible. Keep it up!

  • The Gimlet Team

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