As you may have heard, a vividly-named bug called Heartbleed was discovered in some of the internet’s most widely-used security software last week. It was discovered by security researchers and no one knows if evildoers used it to do evil; as a result, the messages from online services have been somewhat mixed.

Gimlet’s servers were running a vulnerable copy of the security software for about two years; we’ve been patched since Tuesday. In addition, we have updated the encryption certificates that let your web browser know it’s talking securely to our servers — we’ll post more on that (and its complications) soon. Finally, as the most likely thing an attacker could do would be to steal your Gimlet cookies and log in as you, we’ve cleared those cookies and made you log in again.

We don’t think you need to change your Gimlet password, and very much doubt that any sensitive information has been leaked. Please use the care you always use on the internet, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.