More than six months ago, we announced Gimlet’s new pricing: $20 per month for your first branch, and $10 per month for each additional. As of September 1, those prices have been in effect. If you’re billed on a monthly cycle, you’ll see the increase in this month’s receipt; if you’re billed annually, you’ll see it on your next invoice.

With this change, we needed to update our Terms of Use document, as it mentions prices. Among some legan and readability tweaks (no more all caps paragraphs!), there are a few other changes of note in there:

  • You’re now formally allowed to be billed annually and pay by check.
  • We clarify our right to talk publicly about aggregated statistics on Gimlet data — trends and the like.

We’ve actually done both of these things since early on in Gimlet’s life (see, for example, the question count on our homepage), but it’s nice to make this more formal.

As always, if you have questions about any of this, please let us know.