When we launched Gimlet, our tagging option was completely free-form. “Power to the people!” we thought, “Let the best cataloging scheme arise spontaneously from each individual’s work!”

Chaos, of course, ensued.

As a salve for the unfettered free-tagging going on in everyone’s Gimlet accounts, we introduced “Promoted” tags: Gimlet administrators can define some “approved” tags, and people using Gimlet are strongly encouraged to stick to that list.

And thus, the chaos decreased.

The problem, though, was: What can people do about the past chaos – especially in reporting data? Even after setting up your list of promoted tags, reports would still show the effects of the previous free-wheeling days. And we really wanted people to be able to leave those days behind them without the work of cleaning up all the original data.

So! As of now, you can limit your tags in the Detail report to only show the promoted tags. Select the “Tags (promoted only)” option for either Rows or Columns and you’re set. It’ll change your reports from looking like this:

Uncontrolled tags screenshot

to this:

Promoted tags screenshot