“We still have users with access to multiple branches failing to select the correct branch. Would you consider making the “Hello! Where are we working today?” branch selection prompt automatically appear when users sign into Gimlet”

Today we’re happy to announce the latest client requested feature we’ve added to Gimlet: Branch Prompt.

Introducing: Branch Prompt

Multi-Add Where are we working today?

This new feature appears for all users who sign into Gimlet that have multiple library branch affiliations. When they successfully sign into Gimlet, they will see this prompt to choose which branch they are working at. This feature is extremely helpful if staff pull an unexpected shift at a branch across town. It also helps remove any uncertainty over where you are gathering data.

We know this new feature has already been very helpful for clients with lots of staff working across many library branches. We hope you find it helpful, too.

As always, thanks for using Gimlet and have a wonderful day!

-Eric & Nate

PS: We’re always open to new feature requests from our clients. If you have a great idea to improve Gimlet, please reach out to us.