Here at Gimlet, we’re thrilled to be heading past two milestones.

First: As of this evening, we’ll have passed a million questions. That’s a one, followed by six zeros. 1,000,000. Each of those questions is a memory of a patron talking to a librarian – via phone, email, or in person. In each case, someone needed help, and your staff provided it. Together, you’ve helped a million people since we launched; to say we’re humbled is an understatement.

Second: With that million questions, it’s time for Gimlet to move to a bigger server. Since we launched, Gimlet has been running on a server shared with fifty other clients (managed by the most excellent RimuHosting). We’ve worked hard to keep our code lean and mean and our overhead low, but there’s only so much blood we can get from this stone.

Therefore, we’ve just taken out a lease on our very own dedicated server. In addition to being used only by us, this server is newer and faster than our current hardware, and has fully-redundant power supplies – we actually have two separate generator backups. Power outages like we had this summer will no longer be a worry.

Over the next days and weeks, we’ll be migrating to this new server. We don’t expect much, if any, downtime during that migration process; we’ll keep you notified server if hiccups are possible.

Thanks again for making the first million questions in Gimlet a reality. We’re excited to have room for you to grow to the next millionl