Dearest Gimleteers,

Downtime - Our Apologies

Today, we had two long hours of unexpected downtime when the cabinet our server is located in lost power. We sincerely apologize for the service outage and thank all of you for your patience. As the data center and our hosting partner work to repair this issue, they expect additional downtime to occur.

Additional maintenance downtime: 8/09/2011 23:59hrs – 8/10/2011 06:00hrs (CST)

They are reserving up to six hours to fix the issue, but expect the actual repair to take far less time. We apologize in advance for this additional interruption.

Support - Status Updates

We will always try our best to keep everyone informed about service interruptions – be it expected or unexpected downtime. Here are the best places online to check Gimlet’s technical status:

Our Twitter account will be the first place any news of an interruption is posted, and we will keep you informed there with real-time analysis and updates. Please strongly consider following our account.

You can always feel free to contact us directly for support issues, too.


This was certainly not the way we wanted to start the week, but it was a good reminder that we can always work to provide better service. We will be examining ways to better inform our clients about the status of Gimlet.

One option that is common online is to maintain a product status page (ex. Google Apps). If you would find this kind of solution an attractive option for monitoring Gimlet’s status, please leave a comment and let us know.

Again, we’re quite sorry for the trouble and we deeply appreciated everyone’s patience this morning.

Thanks everyone,

  • The Gimlet Team