Our new “Feedback” button works wonders. Thanks to everyone for all your thoughts and suggestions.

Two months ago, our Gimlet v2 “preview” went live for select clients. Today we’re proud to say all of our clients now have access to the new interface. It’s a big step forward for us. These weeks following the preview launch have been an amazingly fun mix of feedback, suggestions, criticism, debugging code, monitoring and improving performance, and reconnecting with our clients in a HUGE WAY.

It has been phenomenal.

The Feedback Loop

Gimlet v2

We added a prominent “Feedback” button to the Gimlet v2 interface to hear your thoughts and it has been extremely well used. For both happy and frustrated clients, it has been the best decision we ever made. If you’ve taken the time to send us a thought or two, good or bad, thank you so very much! We sincerely appreciate it.

We read each message (a handful an hour during the workday so far), and we discuss each thought/suggestion/frustration at length internally. Everything is taken to heart. We also reply to everyone, so keep checking your email inbox for our response if you’ve sent us anything.

If you haven’t had a chance to send us your thoughts, please do so. We’re always open to suggestions. We sincerely want Gimlet v2 to work its best for everyone and we need your help to make that happen. Hit the “Feedback” button in Gimlet v2, or send us your ideas at: support@gimlet.us

Bug Fixes, Pull Requests, Feature Branches, oh my!

Your feedback and suggestions have substantially improved Gimlet v2. Having everyone’s eyeballs on the new interface has been an immense help. Thank you all. With your assistance spotting issues and suggesting changes, we’ve pushed out 36 updates to Gimlet v2 since launching the application preview (including four already today). Without a doubt, this has been the most productive application development period of Gimlet’s existence, and it’s largely been driven by you!

Here are a few feedback-inspired improvements that stand out:

  • Added the “Edit” link back to question lists
  • Improved tag legibility
  • Reverted to old question list time and date format
  • Repositioned the question form save button
  • Chart data was different between G1 and G2
  • Fixed report pagination
  • Enhanced overall speed/performance

And! Many more suggestions and enhancements are in our development queue as well.

Gimlet v2

Todo List

Feedback on Gimlet v2 and its new design has been largely positive – people like the modern look and feel. However, two things stand out as the biggest design complaints:

  • The question form is too wide (on large screens)
  • The question list is harder to read

Currently, the question form stretches across the full-width of the browser window. If you work alongside a big monitor, the form will be wide and that adds some additional time searching across the screen to input data into Gimlet.

The question list doesn’t take the full width of the page to keep things easier to read – we were shooting for a “comfortable measure”. However, it seems many people really like the single row of data Gimlet v1 displays when there is no question or answer text applied to the entry.

Work is underway to improve these two specific aspects of the design. We’ll have something new out soon to address these issues.

Gimlet v2 - Launch Timeline

January 14, 2019 - Today we’re giving account administrators an option to make Gimlet v2 the default interface.

Everyone has had the opportunity to use the Gimlet v2 preview already, even if you are using Gimlet v1 for the majority of your work. We want all accounts to have the option to go back and forth between the Gimlet v1 and Gimlet v2 interfaces until the G1 interface is retired.

In a few months, we’ll sunset the Gimlet v1 interface altogether.

Why sunset it?

Saying goodbye is hard, but running two application interfaces takes way too much work for our small shop. Plus, once we’ve removed the Gimlet v1 interface from Gimlet v2, we can proceed with our new dedicated tablet and mobile phone interfaces.

Out with the old (but good) and in with the new!


We feel so grateful to have such engaged clients – the kind of people who help make Gimlet better by voicing their needs and taking great interest and care in how the product works. It’s amazing.

And for that, we say thanks! Here’s to a wonderful 2019 everyone.


  • Eric & Nate