Eric here from Gimlet HQ. Work on Gimlet v2 is coming to completion soon. We’re writing a blog series to preview some of the new features and advancements we’ll ship soon.

Far and away the most powerful new feature of Gimlet v2 is our faceted-search engine, so let’s check it out!

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Search in Gimlet v1 is pretty straight forward. You can set a date range limit, and choose from a list of fields to scope your search. Full results are returned. Life is good. But… life could be so much better.

Gimlet v1

Gimlet v2

Facets FTW!

Faceted search in Gimlet v2 absolutely is that better life. Facets let you swiftly explore your result set, and easily to drill down into the perfect list of results. Find all the questions from “Faculty” or “Adult” patrons immediately. Return a list of the questions that took the longest to answer for use at your next staff training event.

Gimlet v2

Hit Highlights

The results themselves are now contextually truncated (rather than full view) to highlight the keyword hits within your query as they occur. You can now easily see why the top result is the best result.

Gimlet v2

Date Range Selector

Our improved date range selector lets you choose from popular default ranges: today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 365 days.

Gimlet v2

Complex Booleans Wanted

All of your most complex, nested, boolean queries can be performed. Support for wildcard and character substitutions right out of the box.


  ((Histor* NOT Econom*) AND wom?n) NOT literature

Life is good when search is good. And, with these HUGE search improvements, Gimlet v2 has the most advanced search tools in the desk stats market.

What’s next?

We’re quite eager to get the new Gimlet v2 design and features out soon. There’s no firm date yet, but stay tuned. Things are coming along quite well.

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Next up: I’ll write about Gimlet v2’s new tagging features.

Thanks! Eric for the Gimlet Team.