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How do I add a person to a site?

Your account administrator can add users/people to branches in your account. From the "Account" tab, select the "Branches" link. From the "Active sites" list, select the "Add & remove people" link for the site you wish to update.

Add or remove people link

Can a person be part of multiple branches?

Yes, people can belong to many branches -- just add their email to each individual branch.

What is an administrator?

The person who signed up for Gimlet is your administrator. As the administrator, they are allowed to:

  • Add people to sites
  • Add additional sites to your account
  • Receive and view all invoices
  • Export account data
  • Add optional Q&A fields: Initials and Difficulty

How do I give someone else admin access?

  1. Sign into Gimlet
  2. Click on the "Account" tab
  3. Select the "Branches" link (near top)
  4. Choose the "Users" button for your branch
  5. Click on the "Administrator" button next to your email address

Grant the administrative role

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