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How do I add a person to a site?

Your account administrator can add people to sites in your account. From the "My account" tab, select the "Sites" link. From the "Active sites" list, select the "Add & remove people" link for the site you wish to update.

Add or remove people link

You can add people to a site one at a time, or in bulk.

Can a person be part of multiple sites?

Yes, people can belong to many sites -- just add their email to each individual site.

What is an administrator?

The person who signed up for Gimlet is your administrator. As the administrator, they are allowed to:

  • Add people to sites
  • Add additional sites to your account
  • Receive and view all invoices
  • Export account data
  • Add optional Q&A fields: Initials and Difficulty

How do I give someone else admin access?

  1. Sign into Gimlet
  2. Click on the "My account" tab
  3. Select the "Sites" link (near top)
  4. Choose the "Add & remove people" link for your site
  5. Click on the admin checkbox next to your email address

Once that checkbox is selected, they are an administrator.

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