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Support – Q&As

What does it mean to star a question?

Starring a Q&A boosts it to the top of relevant search results.

Starring a question

Starred search result

Starred search result

How can I email a question?

Look for the envelope icon. Emailing a question allows you to forward difficult questions to your colleagues.

Emailing a question

What can tagging do for me?

Empty questions

Some questions aren't worth recording in full detail, but you want to record that the question was asked to keep good statistics. Tagging helps condense the effort to record these transactions. For example, if many people are asking about your business hours, you might tag these Q&As as "business_hours".

New services or special events

Are you beginning a new service or throwing a party soon? Create a unique tag for the product or event (ex. "Orientation_2009") and use it each time someone asks a related question. This helps track the number of Q&As surrounding your next big to-do.

I want to record Q&A difficulty. How do I do that?

Gimlet offers an optional scale for recording the "difficulty" of questions. It's modeled on the READ Scale commonly used in Libraries.

Difficulty form

To measure difficulty, your account administrator needs to enable this option on the "My account" screen.

Use difficulty

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